Workshop for the European Court of Auditors

June 12, 2020

Climate & Company had the opportunity to design an expert workshop for the European Court of Auditors in support of the sustainable finance audit under Eva Lindström together with our friends from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

In four sessions, we discussed sustainable finance topics in the EU context with excellent experts from all over Europe. Thanks again to everyone for sharing insights & latest research results: Uli BruecknerMichaela ValentováRobert BrückmannFranziska SchützeMegan Bowman; Anna Roggenbuck; Dawn SlevinJürgen KernRaphaël JachnikKaren PittelUlf MoslenerDirk SchoenmakerKarsten LöfflerSilvia KreibiehlMarkus ZimmerDavid Rusnok.

The experience has been extremely rewarding – a big thank you to the team from the European Court of Auditors for the great day!