EUKI Workshop in Riga: Investment in climate and energy projects 2030

March 10, 2020

Climate & Company participated in the workshop “Investment Climate and energy projects 2030” at the Technical University of Riga in Riga, March 4, 2020.

The workshop forms part of the EUKI-Project “Climate Investment Capacity 2030” that C&C is implementing with the Technical Universities of Riga and Prague and the German Think Tank IKEM.

C&C presented “Strategies for attracting private investment for the climate and energy transition in Latvia and other EU countries”, focused on comparing different approaches within the final National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs).

Main messages were:

• Transition towards 2030 climate targets / 2050 neutrality requires large investments in EU.

• Financing targets requires strategy to link national + EU financing sources as well as private capital.

• Final NECPs are still very vague on financing sources, hardly any visions on how to include private sector are presented. However, some countries already analysed approaches to integrate the private sector in different sectors of the NECP, for instance the Australian and Danish authorities.

• Identifying and addressing barriers for private investment in energy efficiency & renewable energy are crucial steps.