Dr. Klaus Kunz

Klaus Kunz is our Senior External Advisor on all Economic, Social and Governance (ESG) matters from the corporate perspective. One of his areas of focus is on making sustainable finance (regulation) work for companies, and another is on international alignment of sustainable finance and ESG reporting frameworks.

He holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry and an MBA and has gained 22 years of experience at Bayer AG, directing business strategic topics at a global level, taking leadership and executive roles in research, R&D project management, regulatory and public/governmental affairs, sustainability, business stewardship and ESG. Integration of sustainability into business has been at the core of Klaus’ work for many years.

In addition to his advisory role at Climate & Company, Klaus is also a member of the advisory board of the Parliamentary Liaison Group on ESG (UK), the ESG practitioners of the WEF and other international initiatives. He is passionate about driving innovation and change, cross-cultural collaboration, politics, history and science, also holding a lectureship for chemistry at the University of Aachen. He is married with three children.