Kristina Lyadskaya

Kristina joined Climate & Company as a Junior Analyst in March 2024. She contributes to our work on the macroeconomic impact of the low-carbon transition and framework to support emerging and developing economies in implementing long-term low emission development strategies. 

 Kristina has an educational background in Economics with a specialisation in Macroeconomics and a research topic of country risk. Later, she delved into the Sustainable Finance area and completed several programmes at the European Commission’s Joint Research Center and the United Nations. Kristina is a graduate of the Programme in International Economic Policy Research at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, and also has solid working experience in the investment banking sphere as a research analyst with a focus on the financial sector and emerging markets. 

 In her leisure time, Kristina plays musical instruments, sings in a choir, playing snooker, travelling and swimming.