Climate and Development Partnership between Peru and Germany

November 7, 2022


In addition to the existing major international climate initiatives, Germany also supports climate protection and adaptation in partner countries as part of its bilateral development cooperation, for example through entering strategic climate and development partnerships. In 2022, cooperation agreements had already been signed with Pakistan, Serbia, Rwanda and South Africa, and partnerships with India, Senegal, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Peru were in preparation. 


Among the South American countries, Peru is suffering most acutely from the effects of climate change. However, due to its rich biodiversity and its status as the second-largest neighbour of the Amazon rainforest, the country also plays a special role in climate action initiatives. 



The main objectives of this assignment, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), coordinated by the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) and carried out by Climate & Company, were the following: 

  • Analyse the contributions of Germany’s technical and financial development cooperation in the area of climate change in Peru; 
  • Identify areas where to improve the impacts of mitigation and adaptation measures through creating new actions, and, where appropriate, to increase the ambition levels of existing measures; and 
  • Develop recommendations for the future design of the technical and financial development cooperation between Germany and Peru. 

 Based on this analysis, Germany signed a cooperation agreement with Peru in November 2022, which was the first climate partnership with a country of Latin America.