Operationalising Sri Lanka’s Green Finance Taxonomy

October 1, 2023


In order to support the operationalisation of Sri Lanka’s Green Finance Taxonomy, the CBSL has commenced a partnership with the EU Green Recovery Facility, a four-year intervention funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by Expertise France (EF), which aims to design capacity-building programmes on the taxonomy and sustainable finance in general. 

In this framework, Expertise France appointed Climate & Company and the national sustainable banking expert Adheesha Perera to consult Sri Lankan stakeholders to identify existing challenges and needs in relation to the operationalisation of the Green Finance Taxonomy and to formulate capacity building strategies that address them. 


The following activities have been part of this assignment: 

  1. Conduct a taxonomy-relevant policy analysis that highlights the policy coherence and integration between selected sector policies/strategies and the taxonomy; 
  2. Prepare a gap analysis based on stakeholder consultations that highlights the identified taxonomy implementation challenges and capacity needs of each stakeholder group; 
  3. Deliver a half-day validation workshop with key stakeholders in order to present, discuss and validate the main findings of the gap analysis; and 
  4. Develop the preliminary methodology of the capacity-building programmes that will address the identified implementation challenges and capacity needs of the consulted stakeholder groups.