Making Deforestation Due Diligence Work in Practice

July 2, 2024

Various open-source providers make extensive data on companies’ actions on deforestation available. Yet, financial institutions report that it remains challenging and resource-intensive for them to identify and mitigate deforestation risks in investment portfolios.

The new practical guide responds to this challenge, as the financial sector is increasingly committed to addressing its role in deforestation, a major driver of biodiversity loss and climate change. It is ready for implementation as the guidelines are complemented by an online code repository with a (limited) open-source dataset that financial institutions can use and adapt. The methodology is unique because it can be applied to the entire investment universe, incorporates state-of-the-art deforestation data and includes asset location data linked to deforestation hotspots.

Find more information about the report in our corresponding press release here. You can also read it in full below: