Aligning EU-US Sustainable Finance Initivatives

January 12, 2022


Harmonising and adapting non-financial disclosure requirements.

Our joint work aims to connect and inform policymakers in the United States and European Union to harmonise and adapt non-financial disclosure requirements on both sides of the Atlantic. Another primary goal for our task-force is to provide a forum for knowledge exchange on the emerging policies in this field and to discuss with the interested partners such opportunities.


We need greater cooperation and alignment.

Non-financial disclosure is a key potential area for greater cooperation between the European Union and the United States. Greater alignment between two of the world’s largest economies on non-financial disclosure could provide the basis for global efforts to increase transparency on sustainability risks, impacts and opportunities. Climate & Company brings together experts from both jurisdictions to share context, best practices, and recommendations around the distinct approaches to non-financial disclosure in the EU and the US.


Find our analysis in the resources below.

Alignment of non-financial disclosure regulations between two of the world’s largest economies is crucial for increasing transparency and comparability around sustainable finance. In January 2022, we thus released an introductory paper providing a comparison of the current state of non-financial corporate disclosure, conceptualising reasons for greater international alignment, and deriving a set of recommendations for next steps for both jurisdictions. In order to reflect the latest developments of the SEC proposal on climate related disclosure, the study now features a dedicated focus section on p.26 (last updated in May 2022).