Amanda Schockling

Amanda works as a policy analyst at Climate & Company. Driven by the idea of a Just Transition, she’s eager to contribute to Climate & Company’s research and projects to finance and fuel the green transition in Europe and abroad. She’s especially passionate about policy change, degrowth / alternative economic models, food saving, and climate activism. She completed her two-year Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science at Lund University (LUMES) in Sweden. She focused on environmental economics, energy transitions, and the intersection of racial and environmental justice. At Lund University, she wrote her Master’s thesis on “Introducing Degrowth to Socio-Environmental Movements in the United States: A case study of the Sunrise Movement and Democratic Socialists of America”. During her studies she co-authored a paper in the journal Politics & Governance titled “Climate Politics in Green Deals: Exposing the Political Frontiers of the European Green Deal” together with Mine Islar and Juan Antonio Samper. Prior to her Master’s degree, she studied civil engineering with an environmental concentration at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana (USA). She then worked at healthcare technology company Epic Systems and the Madison Water Utility as a design engineer in Madison, Wisconsin (USA). In her free time, Amanda enjoys reading, cooking vegetarian meals, and spending time outdoors.