Simon Pfluger

Our Analyst Simon Pfluger serves as the Focal Point for market-based climate policy instruments at Climate & Company. Since joining in June 2021, he has progressed through various roles at our think tank that highlight his expertise in sustainable finance and climate policy analysis, particularly relating to the Paris Agreement’s Article 6 and the use of carbon credits.

As a focal point and advisor to the CEO, Simon has been instrumental in further developing Climate & Company’s project portfolio. His work includes exploring the connection of local and international carbon credits with corporate non-financial disclosure in the EU, leading initiatives for international green energy financing, and coordinating a sustainable finance project for development and international organisations, among others. Concurrently, Simon is enhancing his knowledge through MSc degrees in Politics & Technology and Management & Technology at the Technical University Munich, focusing on climate and energy policy, economics, and energy technology.

Besides his work at Climate & Company since its foundation in 2018, Simon has been supporting the establishment and expansion of a technical university in Burkina Faso, where he fosters intra-African and European-African higher education partnerships in sustainable development.

Simon speaks five languages fluently (German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan) and is able to work professionally in these languages.