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Six sector-specific ideas for Czechia’s green transition

November 5, 2021

Climate & Company, Czech Technical University in Prague, Agora Energiewende and Eclareon Consulting have conducted a study to develop concrete recommendations on how Czechia can better harness opportunities in the EU budget in 6 key economic sectors (buildings, district heating, energy, transport, grids, and industry) and implement transformative investments and policy reforms to increase its contribution to the EU climate goals.

Shortcomings on green spending and financial allocation in key Czech programs and policy documents

This is the launch of the study  “Six-sector specific recommendations for Czechia’s Green Transition”providing ideas on how to quickly absorb financial resources and get back on track to meet the EU 2030 energy and climate targets. Indeed, the research highlights shortcomings on green spending and financial allocation in key Czech programs and policy documents, including Czechia’s ‘Recovery and Resilience Plan’ and the ‘National Energy and Climate Plan’. This is why 6 sector-specific recommendations were developed to target green investments and policy reforms to overcome investment challenges – exemplifying that a green transition for Czechia is possible. The analysis shows how a maximum amount of financial resources can be allocated to ensure that Czechia reaches the set EU 2030 targets.

Find the flagships (sector-specific recommendations) below. We also prepared a slide deck introducing the project as well as the state of play of the green transition in Czechia. For each of the flagships, a comprehensive slide deck underlying rationale, investment barriers and needs, GHG reduction potential, policy reforms, the role of public and private sector, as well as finance instruments and sources. To develop each of the flagships, the research team consulted with a variety of stakeholders, both at Czech and EU level.