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Options & Challenges to Financing the Coal Transition

April 13, 2022

Our research study investigates what kind of international support can be used to bring about a quicker coal phase-out in member countries of the Strategic Partnership for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPIPA). In the current geopolitical context of the war in Ukraine that is set to impact the world’s energy policies for decades to come, this report carves out the challenges, the policy options, the opportunities for a coal exit and the tools that policymakers need to make an effective energy transition happen.

Our research insights primarily aid investors and international entities interested in effective and fiscally feasible donor engagements in SPIPA countries. But that’s not it! We are also sharing our findings and ideas with the private sector and the wider general public, since we believe that the commercial financial instruments we assessed – like green bonds – are majorly available to private individuals who may also want to invest in a carbon-neutral future.