Financing Sustainable Land Use to Combat Deforestation

July 12, 2022


We bridge the regulatory & financial sectors to enable deforestation-free supply chains.

Funded by the Gordon E. and Betty I. Moore Foundation, our efforts focus on enabling the financial sector to stop financing all those activities causing deforestation globally by combining a regulatory and data-driven approach.

We provide analytical work, engagement activities and empowerment actions for regulators, financial institutions and corporates “upstream” and “downstream” of the deforestation-related supply chains in order to achieve data and regulatory compliance.


We strive for concrete actions at international level.

Our ultimate goal is making the case for international policy-makers to adopt coherent and ambitious regulation for a deforestation-free economy, and for financial actors to consistently deploy advanced data frameworks as a means to identify, report and assess the sustainability impacts of their investments.


We enhance transparency and provide access to reliable data.

We specifically address EU-level regulators – and G7 and G20 policy-makers – in advocating for enhanced climate disclosures, so that the financial sector is enabled to access accurate data and make informed investment decisions.

We enhance transparency.

Full market transparency at international level can be achieved through the introduction of green taxonomies and international disclosure regulation and standards. This will enable the positive transformation of supply chains by boosting transparency of ecosystem destruction, accelerating the financial sector’s divestment from deforestation and facilitating access to finance for sustainable land-use activities.

We provide access to reliable data.

Sustainability risk management heavily depends on accurate and easily accessible data. Data and tools must thus be made widely available to support financial institutions and other downstream actors in identifying, managing and dissociating themselves from deforestation-related assets and activities along their supply chains.